This is simply amazing.

This bridge is made of wood.

Jurevis had a second-hand car which was barely roadworthy.

We can make it work this time.

We don't want that.

He watered the rose bush.

Is it all right if I leave early this afternoon?

You need to go back.

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She found it hard to concentrate.

I want to see him in my office.

Where did you learn all that?

The university is located a few blocks from the edge of the ghetto.

I promise you'll be happy.

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I guess this is yours.


I haven't heard anything from him since then. I wonder what in the world he's doing.

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Stuart could think of no reason why he should stay.


The root of the problem is a lack of communication between departments.


Emily ate an apple.

I want a camomile.

I had a decent meal.


Sharada seems quite happy, doesn't he?

I thought you liked to learn new things.

They were on duty by turns.


We're not terminating you.

This report confirms his betrayal.

I've sorted 32,000 of the sentences in Chinese to create a list of sentences for learners of the language.

We'll see each other again.

It looks like an orange.

Leif is my idol.

Your hypothesis is completely unrealistic.

Doyle was babbling.

Vice hadn't been prepared for that.


Tell Masanobu the reason you can't go.

They need more time.

Tollefsen had a rough childhood.


Nils and Ira got back together.


I became a member of the club in 1980.

My computer's acting strange.

That's what worrying me.

Gambling was by no means his only source of income.

We need to do this right.

I think one of these is Christofer's.

So far, I've told no one.

Don't push the wrong button.

I suggest you leave immediately.


To take the cursor to the next line or to execute a command or operation, press the return key.

Every boss has his or her favorite employee.

I'm saying "For the sake of Earth's environment," but actually it's "For the sake of the people living on Earth."


Ernie is also getting ready.


The Caribbean abounds with islands.

The teacher is sitting on the chair.

You must be tired, but hang on 'til 3.

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Maths is a good subject.

I wanted to do it, but could not.

Eventually, my curiosity overcame my fear.

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We've got lots of time.


I'm going to make some bread.

He looked at her with bleary eyes.

Eva still talks about you.

Ritalynne picked a lot of flowers.

Unfortunately it was a guy.

French is spoken in France and in some parts of Italy.

It always seems to be your fault.

Judge cannot drive.

Tahsin's weak.

Stevan works for an insurance company.

Anne knows that more than 91 per cent of the Norwegian population is supplied with potable water from surface water sources.

I'd like to say something appropriate, but I'm not sure what I should say.

They can cause liver failure.

Please explain the procedure.

They satisfied their thirst at the spring.


Who do you think is going to do that?

I am drinking coffee.

I like sewing.


You've spilled your coffee.

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An abortion can have various causes.

I told this secret to you alone.

It is really marvelous of you to remember my birthday.

I don't know and don't want to know.

We could read.

You deserve better.

Do you have children already?


I've never had problems like that.


My father has recently come back to Japan.

It looks like Mysore will succeed.

He often goes to Tokyo.


We've already chosen.

I lied every time Norma asked me about Robbin.

Would you like me to tell the truth?

If you do that, you're going to subject yourself to ridicule.

Matthew wanted to tell the truth.

Father sometimes took me to his office.

Can you tell me where to find Holly?

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Francois has never worked with Ravindranath.


Have you ever driven a sports car?

I take it we're stuck here for the next few hours.

Do you think our climate has an influence on our character?

Let's ask Darci when he gets back home.

It's slow and boring.

He turned a deaf ear to their complaints.

I would kill for a plate of polo right now.

When did you last talk to her?

Griff misses his daughter.


I didn't break any laws.

I need a moment with you.

It's a special occasion.

The two men were not related.

It's now official.

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What'll you give her?


Your battery is running low.


Steve lost control of his car.

You'll have to attend the ceremony whether you are free or busy.

I think Elisabeth is intense.

It doesn't matter what game he plays, he always wins.

Where did you get that scratch on your cheek?


Why did you call me at this unearthly hour?


No one laughed.

There isn't much left to say.

I regret spending so much money.

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You can put me in jail, but you cannot give me narrower quarters than as a seaman I have always had; you cannot give me coarser food than as a seaman I have always eaten; you cannot make me lonelier than as a seaman I have always been.

She's upstairs in my room.

New York City has long been unusual because of its sheer size.


Can you toss the salad?

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Wade must love his children very much.

Those colours clash.

How are you going to explain that to Daniel?

I am thinking of changing my job.

His driving was pathetic.

Cathy argued that Daryl stood three words ahead of her, although when he turned back, he saw that, between she and he, there were only two.

Walt is an ex-soldier.

Falling in love takes some time.

I thought Pria was going to hit me.


Stan is hurt! Call an ambulance!

Saskaviy has learned to create a web-page.

I know you're not a doctor.

I had no idea you were involved.

Would it be OK if I drank a little more tea?

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The food was great in Italy.

A promise made in Spanish is more than a simple promise.

You gotta agree that he looks stylish in that costume.

Rajesh shot at the deer but missed.

This is really bothering me.


I would like some further details.

The house is red.

Can you open the door?

That's a copy.

It's an easy choice.

Mother bought a loaf of bread.

Claudia looked back on his life and wondered if he'd actually accomplished anything.

I don't completely understand it myself.

You denied it, didn't you?


I've decided to answer all questions publicly.

She is said to have been an actress about twenty years ago.

Were you on time for work today?

Let's make this quick.

You must really like Manuel.

He really loves beer and gets drunk every day.

You may as well give up.

I know a lot about this computer.

John's grandmother died after a long illness.

I didn't realize you didn't know how to swim.

Learning and cherishing data are not just the domain of Jewish people.